1. Division II Amateur Category Repertoire Requirements

Participant must submit two pieces--Free Repertoire

2. Division I Professional Category Repertoire Requirements

Participant must submit four solo works--Free Repertoire                                                                                                                                               To be considered for the Chopin or Liszt special prizes you must submit at least 2 Chopin or 2 Liszt selections. To be considered for the Beethoven special prize you must submit at least one complete work of Beethoven.

3. Group requirements

Participants of all age groups of each division can choose to participate in both solo and ensemble categories.

For example, participants can choose to compete in amateur or professional solo category and the ensemble division at the same time.


Age Classifications (Solo Instrumental Division)

Age Group Category
4-6 years old Young musician I
7-9 years old Young musician II
10-12years old Young Musician III
13-14years old Young Artist I
15-17years old Young Artist II
18 and above Concert Artist group

Chamber Music Division

Age Group Category
6-12 years old Young Artist Category
13-17 years old Youth Artist Category
18 and above Concert Artist Category

Note: The age requirement of each age group is according to the average age of participants. For example, the average age of Young Artist Category is no older than 12 years. The average age of Youth Artist Category is no older than 17 years. There is no age limit for Concert Artist Category                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Contestants Must Comply To The Following Rules:

1. Contestants must perform from memory or be disqualified. 

2. The results of the Final round will be determined by ballot with no discussion among the jury, cast a single time for each age group.  After counting the ballots, the ordered winners within each age group shall be determined.

3. Competitors are asked to eliminate repeats in most cases.

4. The decisions of the jury are final. Competitors must accept the results without condition or protest.

5. The Competition maintains copyright of all video, audio, and photographs taken during the competition period and retains legal usage rights of video, audio, and photographs.


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