2018 Winners

2020-04-19 00:01:00


Greetings everyone!

Thank you very much for an amazing day of excellent and committed performances! The jury was unanimous in their admiration of you and your wonderful teachers. Though it was difficult to limit ourselves in choosing the top group among so many gifted young artists, we eventually, and with great consideration, came to the following results:

Piano Division, Young Musician II 7—9 Years Old

1st Prize, Freya Pang

2nd Prize, Eddison Chen

3rd Prize, Claire Rong

Young Musician III 10—11 years

1st Prize, Chloe Palmes

2nd Prize, Huizi Zhong

3rd Prize, Alina Qian

Young Artist I 12—14 Years Old

1st Prize, Alex Chen

2nd Prize, Yangyang Chen

3rd Prize, Angela Qian

Young Artist II 15—17 years

First Prize, Luke Ehrke

Second Prize, Brandon Zhang

Third Prize, Jason Lee

Concert Artist Group 18 and Above

1st Prize, Derek Chung

2nd Prize, Isabella Zhaoyan Ma, tied with Anthony Lee

3rd Prize, Jarrett Takaki

String Division

1st Prize, Christi Park

2nd Prize, Elijah Park

Vocal Division

1st Prize, Xinyi Li

2nd Prize, Yujie Zhang

3rd Prize, Haokang Chang

Special Prizes


Best Bach/Baroque performance, Jarrett Takaki

Best Classical Sonata, Derek Chung

Best Romantic Performance, Derek Chung

Best Russian music performance, Freya Pang

Best performance of a 20th/21st century piece, Isabella Zhaoyan Ma

Best performance of a virtuoso Etude, Eddison Chen

Best Piano Duo, Shuyi Guan/Qiyun Dai


Best art song, Haokang Chang

Best comedic aria, Yujie Zhang

Best dramatic aria, Xinyi Li


Derek Chung

Isabella Zhaoyan Ma

Antony Lee

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