FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

* Are there any age limits?

No, there are no age limits or minimums

* What’s the difference between Rising Star, Professional, and Artist Category ?

 The only difference is the number of pieces/songs submitted. Rising Star division requires 2 pieces/songs and Professional division requires 4 pieces/songs.

* Are there minimum/maximum times for the videos?

  No, there are no time limits on the videos

* Which repertoire should I submit?

The repertoire selections are completely free—we recommend selecting your very strongest performances

* What if my videos are not recorded professionally?

No problem, our jury members are world-class experts and can assess any performance taking everything into consideration.

* May I just enter the competition?


* May I register for the festival only?


* May I register for both the competition and festival?

Yes, no problem

* I don’t understand the prizes and all the age divisions—could you please explain?

Yes! So, there are 6 big prizes (1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes in both Professional and Amateur divisions). In addition to those prizes, we are also offering prizes in all the separate age divisions. Please see the website for more information.

* What about the Special Prizes?

In order to qualify for the special prizes (Chopin, Liszt, and Beethoven) Entrants must submit two complete works of Chopin, or two complete works of Liszt. For the Special Beethoven prize, entrants must submit one complete work of Beethoven. It is not required to apply for the special prizes—entrants are free to submit any program of works they choose.

* Are there any specifications for the videos?

In these difficult times, we will accept most videos submitted, however, it would be best if we could see your hands and face playing the whole time. You do not need to submit all of the pieces in one take—you may submit separate takes, no problem.

* Should I play from memory on the video?

In piano, Yes! Unless you are playing an accompaniment part/chamber/ensemble music. Other instruments may use music.

* How does the judging work?

We are proud to have stringent rules for judges—students of judges may not enter the competition and there is NO discussion among jurors at all unless in the case of a tie in the numerical scores. Judges also tabulate all results themselves and sign an official affidavit.


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